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Are you looking for the best Funny Selfie Captions or Funny Instagram Captions?SO here you provided some of our best collections of Funny Captions For Selfie that makes your audience laugh and engages with you. Are you excited? Lets started...

Nowadays everybody uses Instagram and Facebook. And always updated with their picture. And it is very cool to have a good caption with it that makes your post or picture more attractive. But it is very hard to choose a good caption. Now it is easy to part because here we provided some good collections of funny captions for Instagram that make your post or attractive and popular. Good funny selfie captions make your picture attractive and a great and frank impression on others. That why everybody love and choose a funny one.

Funny Selfie Captions

To share a selfie with your friend family and social media you have to add a funny caption with it. Funny captions and Witty Captions is a great choice for it because it helps to popular very fast and make your post viral. You can choose captions from below and added it to your picture. Everybody loves a Funny post. So choose it from our collection that we provided below.

Funny Selfie Captions 

Funny Captions For Selfies: In recent, time selfie is very popular things. And it is very hard to find a caption for it. And funny selfie caption is very useful to attract other people by your sense of humor and some words. But it is very hard to find some good captions. A caption decides much time that likes your picture or follows your page etc. But here are some list of a  Funny caption for selfies friends, couple, facebook and Instagram.
That you can pick it up and attached people and increase your likes or followers. You can directly copy and pick it for your selfie or attached some of the words with it and make it own. It is very good to have own captions. But it is very hard to find it. So here are our collections that will help you to find your captions. Cute Selfie Captions

Funny Captions For Selfies

Nowadays captions is a very popular trend in Instagram or posting a picture on any social media platform that's why to have a good funny caption for selfies is very important things to popular or increase your like and follower. And the selfie is the very common thing now because now take a selfie very easy and very comfortable for everybody so have good funny captions with your selfie is very impressive and also it can popular your post.
  • Smile, because you have teeth.
  • Alive fish always go opposite the flow.
  • Don't be a worrier, be the warrior. 
  • I love F-word.
  • When someone said you are cute...
  • When reality call, don't answer.
  • I can't love anyone more than my hair .#selfieaddict.
  • I am too sexy for myself.
  • This is too "early" for me.
  • I love you weekend, don't leave me alone.
  • I am funny because a have Instagram captions.
  • Hate me because I know you are jalouse
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m a 15
  • It's ok to be crazy.
  • Don't angry me I became your nightmare.
  • One thing that my dog and I have in common is that we never want me to go to work.
  • I wish I could drop my body off at the gym & pick it back up when it's ready!
  • Having a dream so realistic you had to think if it really happens or not.
  • Looking at your textbook and thinking "what a waste of tree".
  • Master of funniness.
  • Please, guys...
  • I am lucky because I am cute.
  • I have finally founded.
  • Why so serious?
  • Now only onion makes me cry.
  • I like real life memes.
  • When I think about my future, I run out my patience.
  • Life is short to stick with boring hair.
  • If sleep is important then why all thing started in the morning?
  • World biggest problem is the long line in Starbucks.
  • Yes, I run every morning(runout my time).
  • I need 7 days of holiday every week.

Funny Instagram Captions

Funny captions

  • My vacations are going great, on Netflix.
  • No one can entertain me except me.
  • Life is too short so don't skip dessert.
  • I am a diet with my pizza.
  • My bed is a good reminder, when I go to bed it reminds me of all uncomplete work.
  • When I try to sleep I don't.
  • I follow a diet but he didn't follow me back.
  • Life is not, but my hair is good.#iwin
  • My relationship with Netflix, biscuit, sleep.
  • If life gives you shit, throw it back.
  • Give me a scotch, I am starving.
  • I don't love seafood, I love eat-food.
  • Now, I have a date, with pizza.
  • May your coffee be hot and your eyeliner even.
  • I am on a seafood diet. I see food, and I eat it.
  • Warning – You might fall in love with me.
  • I’m not weird, I’m a limited edition.
  • When I trying to impress, it has gone horribly wrong.
  • Did you say pizza ??
  • Ok, fine, I have no bf/gf, but I have my phone.
  • I am cool now because I drink cold coffee.
  • I don't believe you, I am just awesome.
  • Messy hair, don't care.
  • I am a unicorn but I have no wings.
  • Don't save my selfie.
  • I am cool but selfie makes me hot.
  • Sometimes I thought I am a celebrity.
  • Clicked a selfie after a long time(10 minutes).

Funny Instagram Captions For Friends

Funny Instagram Captions For Friends:- Friendship is a very true and very beautiful relationship for all. And taking a selfie with your friend or best friend is very common. So postings those picture on social media we all need some great captions. And somethings we need funny selfie captions for friends. So here are some of my favorite captions for friends.
Funny Instagram captions for friends

  • Sometimes it is good to crazy with your old friends.
  • Friends only tolerate my craziness.
  • Only friends who know you well and also like you.
  • If you call someone at 4 a.m and unlimited taking that your friends.
  • We are like a small team of craziness.
  • An irritating friend is enjoyable.
  • Every tall girl needs a short best friend.
  • Forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate.
  • Do you have a plan for the day and suddenly it's 4 pm and you literally achieved nothing.
  • Single and failing to mingle.
  • I change my car horn to the sound of a gunshot. People get out of my way faster now.
  • I am not lazy, I am just energy saving mode.
  • The awkward moment when your crush asked you 'who is your crush'.
  • God is really creative, I mean just look at me.
  • If you don't know yourself then ask your friend.
  • Some amazing memory of life is friendship craziness.
  • You and I more than a friend.

Best Friends Selfie Captions [Funny]

  • Here, I am always available to you.
  • You are my partner to do silly things.
  • Find your tribe. Love them hard.
  • Friendship is…being equally annoying.
  • Before chocolate, you are my favorite.
  • Friends buy you lunch. Best friends eat your lunch.
  • Our phones fall so we panic but when our friends fall we laugh.
  • Human is the only species who pay for living on this planet.
  • People say 'Nothing is Impossible'.I did nothing every day.
  • A friend is enough to explore yourself.
  • I’m usually charming, nice, and well mannered, OK for those who really know me 
  • I like you because you are crazy like me.
  • Best Friend is like when other people said something going on between you two. 
  • If you stole your friend's food then you are a very good friend.
  • Zombies are real, just meet my friends.
  • You think I am irritating then meet my best friend.
  • Thank you, god to give me a pet.

Funny Selfie Captions For Lover/Couple/Gf/Bf

Funny couple captions

  • You are right, sorry, I am just joking.
  • Don't fall in love with me.
  • You need to learn to fall asleep first.
  • You are my alarm when I don't need it.
  • I love you more than ice cream.
  • Don't ask me "who is your crash".
  • We are like milk and cookie.
  • you can laugh now
  • You are my cheese and I am your sandwich.
  • Old love is full of craziness.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, Oh my friend you belong to a zoo.
  • A happy wife is Impossible.
  • I torture you with my love, baby.
  • We are like a knife and folk.
  • You are the key to my heart.
  • Every short girl needs a tall boy.
  • Don't worry I am here.
  • Why get thinner when getting more dinner.
  • Love is a memory but I fear to remember it.
  • Marriage is like a workshop where husband work and wife shop.
  • Wife apology: it's your fault.
  • The marriage when dating goes too far.
  • You are my lifehack.
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The benefit of funny captions for more likes and followers:

You know Psychology says funny captions words provided positive energy to human. Because of this, we love funny content that we read and feel good and happy. So This is why everybody loves funny things. It helps you to increase more like and followers and it also engages to your audience.

Witty Instagram Captions

Witty Instagram Captions
  • Today is Sunday-est Monday.
  • My life is now a horror movie.
  • Need an ark? I Noah a guy.
  • Need autograph? inbox me.
  • Chilling like a gangster.
  • OMG, I am so cute.
  • I didn't choose thug, thug life choose me.
  • Not hearing what someone said I just smile, laugh and nod.
  • When I was little 'I gonna tell your mom' is the scariest word for me.
  • Chocolate comes from cocoa, that a plant so chocolate is a salad.
  • Your next favorite celebrity.
  • Morning boys.
  • When you know, you are hot.
  • Sexy, right? I born with it.
  • Trippin’ on skies, sippin’ waterfalls
  • So blunt you can smoke my truth
  • Reality called, so I hung up.
  • I like big cups and I cannot lie.

Funny Captions For Selfies

Witty Instagram Captions
  • I hate selfie, but I started like Instagram, it is weird.
  • Recovering selfie addict.
  • Celebrity does not do their homework.
  • God blase this hot mess.
  • Girl dm first, you just haven't experienced it bc you are ugly.
  • Where's the 'unsubscribe' button on adulthood?
  • Sometimes I think I am so picky, But then I watch my dog look for a place to poop.
  • Take it or leave it.
  • If I can't bring my dog, I am not going.
  • Life tasteless without that one annoying friend.
  • People are people but my fellows are really fellows.
  • I’m a smart person, I just do stupid things.
  • Probably the best coffee drinker in the world.
  • Respect your elders, because they passed school without Google.
  • Accept who you are, if you are no criminal.
  • Knowledge is like underwear, so don't show off it.
  • My brain has too many tabs open.
  • I am not fat. I am just easy to see.

Hilarious Captions

  • I am not a shopaholic, I just help the economy.
  • Slap someone through the internet.
  • Listen, I want to be invited but I am not coming.
  • I feel like I'm already tired tomorrow.
  • Imaging thing on your head that you know will never happen.
  • When I don't text with emoji take me seriously.
  • So you like a bad girl? Then you choose me because I am bad at everything.
  • Remember when the teacher used to say 'You can't carry a calculator everywhere' Remember.
  • So now where are they?
  • The days are long but the years are short.
  • It's okay if you don't like me. Not everyone has good taste.
  • A rare picture.
  • Find someone who looks at you the same way you look at your after pay cart.
  • I hate to wake up from an awesome dream and forget what happened.
  • Hardest thing ever: control laugh at a serious moment.
  • That fake laugh you did when you don't know what someone just said.
  • Oh no, This is sexy.
  • "Insert Funny Captions"
  • Make love, not war. Hell, do both. Get married...
  • What is love life? A life which ruins your lazy life.
  • Self-promotion.
  • I am smart Because I wear glass.
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